Murray Hanson, Lonestar Coach, Passes Away

The Austin soccer world was saddened today with news of the passing of longtime local coach Murray Hanson.  Originally from Canada, Hanson initially came to Austin as part of the Coerver Coaching program’s work with the Round Rock Crossfire.  He was a long time staff member of the Lonestar Soccer Club, and was also involved with Cen-Tex Soccer training.

Hanson is believed to have passed away from complications of a long-standing heart condition.  Arrangements are pending.

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9 thoughts on “Murray Hanson, Lonestar Coach, Passes Away

  1. Murray was a longtime friend of my family! He was practically a uncle to me, he was a great coach and even better company! This deeply hurts my heart that he’s gone!

    Rip Mur, you can finally rest without pain. Your heart is healed!

    Love you!

  2. Speaking as one of Murray’s college coaches at the University of Tulsa, we are shocked and saddened to hear of Murray’s passing…
    Murray was one of a handfull of players at T.U. during the 80’s to go on to play professional soccer and dedicate his career to the sport…His teammate, and current Texas A&M women’s coach G. Guerrieri gave me the news earlier today. Walter Schnoor, an Oklahma Soccer Hall of Fame inductee, was the first men’s head soccer coach at T.U., and coached Murray throughout his college soccer career at T.U. Walter was likewise greatly saddened by the news. We both extend our sympathies to Murray’s friends, family, colleagues, and students of the game.
    Murray gave us great memories in Tulsa, and we will keep them close to our hearts, as I know you all will.

  3. Rick Eidsness remembers your vibrance and love of live fondly. You are remembered for your talent and fun loving antics. on said:

    I remember your vibrance and love of the game. I also remember your antics and fun loving character. Fondly remembered and sadly missed.
    Our Condolences to your family.

  4. He was my coach for a while. He called me Plankton (inside joke) and was a great coach. How could something like this happen to someone that was older than me, but still very young? Only god knows. But it was his time, I guess. His heart is finally cured. The next coach we get will be nothing like him. RIP, Coachie.

    Love, Kristen

  5. I played soccer with Murray from about ’85 to ’96. I remember him as a striker and I played goalkeeper. Lots of fun stories….especially when we traveled together. I lost track of him over the last 15 years but I will still miss him.

  6. Murray was an amazing uncle that always made me laugh and feel happy all the time. He was very active in sports and loved to coach soccer. He always kept me up beat. I could write for hours and hours about all the good times and how amazing he truy is and will always be to me. He will be missed by so many, especially me, and I am so glad to have spent the time that I did with my Crazy Uncle Murray.

    Your Crazy Niece, Jade

  7. Coach Murray was a great man and coach. I was a part of his LS 98B white sth team this past season. He helped me throughout the season and taught me some valuable lessons. It is just purely unfair that this would happen to a man of good fitness and especially of such a young age. Rest in peace coach, I will really truely miss you. This season I am playing soley for you.

    R.I.P Coach


  8. I learned of Murray’s passing from several Tulsa University alumni. We have played together in over 25 years and is testament to the impact Murray had in people’s lives. I am shocked and saddened by Murray’s passing but it brought back some great memories and made me smile thinking of them. He will not be forgotten because of these memories. His calmness in the middle of crisis and his willingness to help out a friend at a drop off a hat without expecting anything in return are qualities that I tried to live by. I don’t know how Murray did it. But he did and passed it on to all he had contact with and for that I am grateful. Goodbye my old team mate.

  9. Murray was my first select team coach. He was a very great coach! On his team, we went to the state championships in Houston and won the state title! I still have my medal hanging in a special spot in my room. I was very saddened this weekend when I looked at the LSC page on Facebook, and saw that Murray was found in his apartment after an apparent heart attack. Without Coach Murray, I wouldn’t be a goalkeeper trying out for ODP, I might not even be playing soccer anymore. I’m praying for Murray and his family! Much love, and many prayers. Rest in paradise Coach Murray!

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