10 Rules for Soccer Mom Survival

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10 Rules for Soccer Mom Survival
(A Survival Guide for Navigating Youth Club Soccer in AMERICA)

I offer guide below in the hope of some semblance of reason can be restored the culture of apathy which has engulfed American parents especially those of female players with the astonishing explosive popularity of women’s youth soccer in the US. I hope it can be seen as a voice of reason and roadmap for others given what our family has learned over the course of 10 faithful years in the sport.

It is a set of rules or lessons we have gleaned amidst a sport that has become drastically over-professionalized, over paid, and over-hyped. Fundamentally, America is a competitive country and we should all strive to be our best. As parents who pays $3,000 – $5,000 per year per kid when you include all ancillary costs; we are by our nature A type personalities and generally the more successful and driven in the pack. As are our children!
Most players will tell you they play club to hopefully advance to a “D1 college program and/or scholarship”. The good news is any kid who plays soccer for any amount of time in any organized fashion can find a college program to suit their interest. This is still America you may not be headed to Chapel Hill but if you can kick a ball you can play somewhere.
The rules that are below are empirically tested and may seem counter intuitive to your protective nature you have with your child. Trust me they are constant, time tested and you player will benefit emotionally and psychologically. Continue reading

Considering Changing Clubs? A Soccer Mom’s Advice

From the ForumI found this forum around a year ago when my youngest was considering changing clubs. I went here hoping to find information about the various clubs in the Austin area to figure out where would be a good fit for the youngest. While I did find some useful information, I did have to wade through a lot of mudslinging, chest thumping and crazy generalizations made by hopefully well-meaning parents (and probably coaches) to help youngest figure where (s)he should look.

I’ve come to love reading this forum (who doesn’t love a little bit of the crazy mixed in with good info?) so to contribute, I thought I’d offer up advice and some perspective based on our experience last year. It’s a very stressful and confusing process; especially if you’re leaving a club for the first time after many years. (By the way, I’m purposely being vague about my kids gender and what clubs were part of our decision in order to avoid any speculation of who we are. Not that it’s a big deal, but the only attention I want my kids to have from soccer parents/coaches is when they’re on the pitch.) Continue reading

From the Forum: Region 3 5A Girls Predictions

From the ForumNext year’s favorites

by Region 3 5A girls » Thu Sep 13, 2012 2:36 pm

These are my thoughts on what I know about these teams and what they have coming back this year.1. 7 Lakes– Great showing last year, lost a few good players including the amazing GK, but still a loaded side with plenty of potential. They always seem to start off slow and finish strong so that is why I have them at #1.
2. Clear Lake– This team will lose a little steam from the last few years, but they always seem to be there when it counts, tough district always prepares them for the playoffs.
3. Clements– It was a tough choice not to have them at #1 since they bring back most of the squad and seemed to be building a lot of success off last season. They may be the one to take the region this year.
4. Cinco Ranch-( My Dark Horse Team) This team got better and better as the season went on last year and they bring back a good number of those players. Watch out for them as they have the potential to finally get the monkey off their back.
5. Clear Springs– This team always seems to stick around and make a run in the post season, don’t know if they will be quite as strong as in the past but definitely will be in the thick of things.
6. Deer Park– Talented group that has a new leader this year, which should help them in the long run, BUT a weak district will not prepare them for the post season and that may be an issue.
7. Cy Fair– Good group with lots of potential and the ability to make a deep run, BUT have to go through the Katy district early in the playoffs and that is always a problem.
8. Katy Taylor– Yes another Katy ISD team in the top 10, what a tough district. This team is right up there with Cinco and 7 Lakes. Any given night they can beat the others and make a run for the region.
9. Brazoswood– Young team last year that looked really good at times. If they can keep that up tempo style they can make a run for the district title and a nice run.
10. Memorial– This team showed a lot of heart and grit last year in that brutal district and I can see them challenging for the crown and a spot in the regional tourney.Other Notables

Ft. Bend Austin- Will not be quite as strong as the past few years, but always has great players that will be competitive, the district does not totally get them prepared for post season.
HISD Lamar– Solid team with some talent has ability to compete with anyone in the top ten, but seems to bow out early when it counts.
Pearland– Good talent but very up and down last year, never seemed to be together as a team. A very weak district will not help them in the post season but I could see 2 rounds and maybe get to a 3rd.

From the Forum: Region 3 5A Boys Predictions

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Next year’s favorites

by Reg 3 5A Boys » Wed Sep 12, 2012 10:55 am

Here is my take on region 3 5A boys pre-season top 10. This is based off what I know about the schools in Region 3 and their players.
1. Elsik– Brings back a talented bunch that have the ability to make a deep run, BUT cant seem to win the big games when they count.
2. Pasadena Dobie– This team has a had a good run the last few years, this seems to be the culminating season of that group of kids, will be strong up front and have a great work ethic. BUT they will struggle defensively and this may be their downfall.
3. Strake Jesuit- Never count out the Crusaders, always a program with talent and the ability to win the region BUT this group does not seem to be quite as solid as years past.
4. Westside– Bring back a number of players from last year, and always seem to find a few new stars. Look for them to be a major contender.
5. Pearland– ” My Dark Horse Prediction” very young team that is loaded all over the field with premier league club players. Don’t under estimate this team as they have the talent to make a run at the region.
6. Langham Creek– Had a strong showing early last year but fell off late in the year, look to build on that success with key players back this year.
7. Katy Seven Lakes– This team has the talent, but have been very up and down the last few years, if they can put it all together they can make a deep run.
8. Ft. Bend Clements– Young team from last year took one on the chin against South Houston in the playoffs, look to rebound this year with another strong showing… BUT their district does not help them get better as the year goes on.
9. Deer Park– Had two year showing at the regional tournament with a great group of kids, BUT graduated a lot of key players. Still has a core that will keep them moving forward and possibly make a run.
10. Cy Ridge– Great year last year, and should continue on that path, but I do not see them being quite as strong as they ended the year last season.

Other notables:

Pasadena– Good solid team that has potential to make some noise.
Mortan Ranch– new coach and lots lost to graduation but never count them out.
North Shore– always a threat to make a run, but not as strong as years past.