Murray Hanson, Lonestar Coach, Passes Away

The Austin soccer world was saddened today with news of the passing of longtime local coach Murray Hanson.  Originally from Canada, Hanson initially came to Austin as part of the Coerver Coaching program’s work with the Round Rock Crossfire.  He was a long time staff member of the Lonestar Soccer Club, and was also involved with Cen-Tex Soccer training.

Hanson is believed to have passed away from complications of a long-standing heart condition.  Arrangements are pending.

The Talented Coastal Bend

Soccer thoughts from Corpus Christi BayThe coastal bend has proven that we do have talent.  At this past weekends STSYA Fall State Championships, two teams from the coastal bend came away with state titles.   The VYSO U19 Girls won the Super II state title while the Santa Fe U14 girls won the D2 state title.  Now I realize that some people may think that a Super II or D2 title is not that big a deal (it isn’t D1 or ECNL).  However, for an area like ours that gets little to no respect from other parts of the state, it shows that we do have the talent to compete.   It also reinforces my argument that we need to join forces and combine our efforts.  The coastal bend sent 17 teams to the Western district playoffs and 3 teams advanced to state playoffs.  Of those three, 2 came away as state champs.  I still believe that we can have a better advancement rate, if we come together and bring all of our best talent together.  For now, that still appears to be a pipe dream.  Hopefully, the accomplishments of our local teams will not only show those around the state that we have talent, but will send a message to the Coastal Bend as a whole, that if we came together, we could do even better.

WCRP Incident Report

On the forums recently, an incident at WCRP was reported that included police involvement. has received the radio logs of the Williamson County Sheriff’s office from this event.  The logs show the incident is described as a “domestic disturbance”, raising questions as to whether soccer played any part in this incident at all.  The logs show that no back up was required and the incident was resolved by escorting an individual off site.

The PDF can be viewed here ——>3_pdfsam_wcrp incident

Hutto YSA Allies with Texans, Third Time a Charm?

Hutto YSA and the Austin Texans announced an “affiliation” that will consist of the Gunners becoming Austin Texans and Hutto YSA retaining an independent recreational program affiliated with the Texans. No firm leadership team of the combined organization has been announced. The Texans, formed from the Revolution SC, initially maintained affiliations with Round Rock Soccer Association and Pflugerville Area YSL.

In 2008, disappointed with the direction of the Texans club after it dropped the Revolution name, RRSA restarted its Crossfire select program and the clubs co-existed for a year.  However, the relationship was severed in 2009 after continued conflict.  Shortly thereafter, PAYSL also instituted an in house select program, and severed ties with Austin Texans this year.

Without a recreational affiliation, Texans sought to launch its own rec league, and was met with limited success.  Thus, the reach into Hutto positions Texans with a growing association in a growing area.  It’s proximity to Pflugerville and Round Rock keeps convenience for current Texans players who may be placed with Hutto based teams.

This merger surprised many, who questioned whether a Gifton Noel Williams – Wes Schevers leadership team could work.  However, the far bigger question will be whether Texans can finally find a way to form a cohesive bond with a recreational group.  History is not on their side, but new leadership both from a coaching and board standpoint gives both organizations a reason to hope that the third time will be a charm.

Read the formal announcement here.

Coastal Bend Thanksgiving Tourney

Soccer thoughts from Corpus Christi BayFor everything that I would like to change about Coastal Bend soccer, the one thing that I would NEVER touch is the yearly Thanksgiving tourney..  This year is the 32nd annual CBYSA Thanksgiving Tourney.  For 32 years players have converged on the Coastal Bend to play soccer. I played in the first annual Thanksgiving tournament all those years ago and then was a referee in later years.   I am thankful that the tradition continues every year and teams from across South Texas have this option.. The number of teams may have dropped as competition from other tourneys has arisen but throughout the years, the powers that be (whom I usually question) have ensured that this tradition of Coastal Bend soccer carries on.  For that I say thank you. I also appreciate fact that the tourney is “unrestricted” and open to anyone who wants to bring a properly registered team. I invite anyone looking for a tournament to take a serious look at coming to Corpus this Thanksgiving.