Product Review: CoachFX Draw

Over the past 20 years, I’ve accumulated a thick binder of practice plans.  Some are handwritten, some are typed out.  Regardless, all of them have a common denominator: my poorly drawn diagrams of different drills or training exercises.  Picking up a plan from 10 or 15 years ago, sometimes I struggle to decipher what I meant when I drew a diagram.  I can imagine the difficulty anyone who uses one of my training sessions would have in understanding my diagrams.

Against that backdrop, I decided it was finally time to invest in something that would let me better illustrate a practice plan.  Searching the internet, I came upon a British company called CoachFX.  Their website drew me in with examples of animated training sessions, video to computer replications of games and other such fancy things.  But that is way beyond what I need.  I just want to draw cones and lines that make sense when you look at them.

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